State of Batteries Report 2020

The State of Batteries Report 2020 summarises the most significant developments in the battery industry over the last year.

The State of Batteries Report 2020, produced by the editorial board, summarises the most significant developments in the battery industry over the last year. It aims to provide a comprehensive and accessible overview of the current state of battery research, industry, talent, and policy, prompting in-depth conversations on the state of batteries and the trajectory for the future.

One of the findings set out in the report is that the planned capacity of the top 10 battery producers worldwide is set to increase exponentially over the coming decade. CATL is expected to be the biggest producer in 2030, estimated to increase its battery cell manufacturing production to 332 GWh, from approximately 75 GWh at present.  This is closely followed by LG Chem, which is expected to reach 230 GWh by the end of the decade. Other top producers include BYO, Tesla, Samsung, Wanxiang Group, Farasis, SK innovation, and Panasonic.

The report also contains a number of insights into the lithium supply chain, sharing that many major suppliers are struggling to meet their targets, with a shortage expected within the next 10 years. It is also noted that the extraction of the critical metal remains highly concentrated geographically, with the carbon footprint of its supply chain remaining a significant issue. The report suggests that innovation in the production of battery grade lithium is desperately needed.

Finally, the report notes that the volume of batteries sent to recycling centres is expected to increased fourfold by 2025. It explains that the recycling industry is in its nascent stages, facing multiple obstacles on its path towards profitability and scale. These include low collection rates from the customer, non-differentiated regulation between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, inefficiencies in the chemical process, and competing priorities with the battery life longevity push.