US Geological Survey Releases 2022 List of Critical Minerals

Which mineral supply chains will be most under threat in the near future?

The USGS determines the minerals critical to the US economy and national security according to the Energy Act of 2020. This legislation requires a review and update judgement on which mineral supply chains will be most under pressure every 3 years.

The latest version of this critical minerals list adds 15 additional commodities to the, bringing the total to 50. Minerals for a crucial transition to green energy, including nickel, cobalt, lithium and manganese, feature across the list, as do minerals essential for medical equipment, metallurgy, industrial catalysts, and electronics.

As US infrastructure and security needs develop, so do judgements on what minerals are critical. “Mineral criticality is not static, but changes over time,” said Steven M. Fortier, USGS National Minerals Information Center director. “The 2022 list of critical minerals was created using the most recent available data for non-fuel mineral commodities. However, we’re always analyzing mineral markets and developing new methods to determine the various and evolving critical mineral supply chain risks.”

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